5 good reasons why you should quit drugs now.

In today’s world, most teens and youngsters are suffering from many types of addiction just to escape from reality. Addiction!! what’s this?? just a word, you never know if you are doing the same thing again and again in a continuation which however in return gives you pleasure or can destroy you. It’s just like you can’t think out of the box when you are addicted to something. Addiction may include the use of substances like Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana, Ecstasy, Nicotine, or behaviors such as gambling, overthinking whether it’s related to your life, job, study, or troubled relationships.

Everyone is unique in this world. Each person’s body and the brain are different. People also react differently to drugs. Some love the feeling when they try it for the first time and want more. On the other hand, some don’t like it and never try it again. In our generation, the percentage of teens indulging in drug abuse is increasing day by day. The major cause is that children’s brains are still growing and they are always excited to do or try new things. So taking drugs at an early age may make you more likely to get addicted when you grow old. Continued use might be a result of insecurities or a desire for social acceptance.

If you are thinking of quitting drugs, chances are very good that you have realized that its kinda trap in which you are stuck right now and have noticed that your life is not as happy, enjoyable or successful as it was before. But by the time one’s drug use reaches a point of being an addiction. One’s life has already begun a downward slide suffering from depression and anxieties.

But believe me, guys it is never too late for anything. Nothing is impossible in this world, anyone can do anything if he has decided to do so. So here I am giving you 5 good reasons to quit drugs and that will change your life forever. So, let’s begin with the first point.

1. You will be healthier.[ Both mentally or physically]

Guys you already have listened to a thought that “Health is wealth”. Everyone has their own desires and dreams to fulfill so they are after money to maintain a good lifestyle. There is no drug in the market which does not have harmful effects. Basically, all drugs are poison. Once heroin enters the brain it is converted to morphine. People who use heroin typically report feeling a surge of pleasurable sensation-a” RUSH”. With heroin, the rush is usually accompanied by the flushing of the skin, dry mouth, and a heavy feeling in the extremities. Nausea, vomiting, and severe itching may also occur. After the initial effects, users will be drowsy for several hours, mental function is clouded, heart function is slowed and breathing is also severely slowed. So it will affect you physically like weight loss, malnutrition, and can also affect one’s ability to resist illness. As well as mentally, it can damage your brain permanently.

2. You will have more money.

Money if you invest it right it can help you in your success. Addiction is a disease that is really expensive. Once you are into drugs your cravings will start increasing day by day. As a result of which you will start spending more money on drugs. Because the addiction will never help you to achieve your goals ever, users of drugs tend to only feed the addiction. All while making the addiction bigger and creating a never-ending circle. When the circle that drugs built you will realize you are not spending money willingly but forcefully. You will start lying with your parents for money and will start borrowing money from your friends for the drugs. When you will quit or out of that circle you can save or spend your money on buying gadgets, traveling, or whatever your desires are.

3. You can preserve and have healthy relationships.

If your friends or spouse are not drug users. Chances will be high that you will not be able to manage and have a healthy relationship or left with seriously damaged relationships. How long will someone stick to the one who is a slave of drugs? Drugs will put you in situations where you will be lying at every moment of your life. By lying you will face problems only and you will be left with a whole bunch of disappointments. How one can trust someone who lies in general and especially a pattern of it? Rebuilding after this could entail being under a watchful eye. The consequences of a lie can be hurtful, creating mistrust and a sense of betrayal, etc. So the key to a healthy relationship is trust and it takes time to build.

4. You can think clearly and regain the ability to feel real, authentic emotions once again.

Unfortunately, this is the most probably the least talked about and most influential aspect of why one should quit using drugs. We are everything that we think and do, the thoughts circulating in our heads, to the attitude we have, are all controlled by the supercomputer called the human brain. Most mental illness has to do with abnormal brain chemistry. There is a lot going on in the brain, just a small deviation in one or two neurons can change brain functioning. Adding drug abuse to the mix, which also changes brain chemistry, will just compound the problems in the long run. Drugs that are mind-altering substances change the whole dynamic of the brain. Once one is fully into drugs the person will be affected enough, which will lead them to make worse decisions because their level of comprehension is altered and their mind a clouded maze. You will not be able to feel real because its drugs that are controlling your mind you will notice a change in your behaviour like aggression, irritated by small things, bad reflex actions, won’t be able to control your emotions until you use the drugs and feel the “RUSH” that will give you a feeling of pleasure and that addiction will result in making your life a mess.

5. Using drugs is a dead-end activity.

The most important reason to quit drugs is that it is a dead-end activity. The end result of drug addiction is either death, jail, or sobriety. Yes, it is tough to face the prospect of quitting drugs. But if you will not quit the outcomes will be far, far worse. Just think about that what your loved ones and parents will do if you died by drug addiction or overdose. The mistake of drug abuse will end your life and leave your loved ones helpless. To get rid of drug abuse there are many options you can go for, talk freely with your parents or spouse and tell them your situation believe me they will understand and help you in every step whatever it takes.

Steps that will help you in quitting drugs.

1. You can find a rehab program that offers a program with good results statistics.

2. You can consult a neurologist or psychiatrist and quit drugs with the help of medications.

3. You can consult substance abuse counselors.

4. You can join yoga institutes or do yoga at home.

5. You can join gyms and build a habit of exercising regularly.

6. You can do cycling.

Natural highs

There are plenty of reasons to quit drugs but these are probably enough. Drugs drag you down it will change you to someone you would never want to be. You get a lot farther in life without drugs. Life is better without drugs so quit now. Try to achieve and enjoy “Natural Highs” – Peace, Love, and Happiness.

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